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Brook Forest Conservation and Mitigation Credits 




Credit Type


Available Credits


Wetland Waters of the State

Wetland Waters of both

the U.S. and the State

Enhancement Credits

6.0 Credits


Rehabilitation Credits


0.3 Credits

Re-establishment Credits

3.6 Credits

22.8  Credits


Covered Habitats and

Covered Species

Available Credits

Diegan Coastal Sage Scrub (DCSS)

16.1 Credits

Open Engelmann Oak Woodland (OEOW)

20.0 Credits

Mafic Southern Mafic Chaparral (MSMC)

65.8 Credits

Native Grassland (NG)

5.2 Credits

Southern Coast Live Oak Riparian Forest (SCLORF)

18.9 Credits

Non-native Grassland (NNG)

55.5 Credits

Engelmann Oak (Covered Species)

45 Credits


Mitigation Banks and Ecosystem Conservation Banks for the counties of San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles.

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